Working Gymnastics

Working Gymnastics is a type of gymnastics performed in the workplace with short exercises, approximately 20 minutes, with the objective of improving the health and quality of life of employees.
The exercises, which use breathing, stretching, and postural correction techniques, avoid occupational diseases and the appearance of pain and injuries.

Pilates / Yoga classes

These classes can be private or in small groups and can be taken in an online or in-person format. Classes are structured to help increase motor skills through greater body control and the development of skills such as strength, flexibility, and a sense of balance.
All of these gains are sustained by greater body awareness, increased proprioception, and greater efficiency in the management of adversity.

Positive Psychology

The oriented use of psychophysiological strategies to enhance characteristics necessary to work in the professional context.
Self-efficacy, stress management, increased prolonged attention, planning and organizing tasks, leadership skills, among many others.