Self Conscious

Self Improvement

Self Sufficient


"Pedro is a rigorous, honest, assertive, demanding, and attentive professional, with an unusual relational and communicational capacity, able to motivate us continuously in search of excellence in practice.
He is a reliable person who takes each one of us to develop and pursue the goals individually intended.
The gain I get from his work goes far beyond physical and psychological well-being, being for me a source of an essential balance with applicability in all areas of life.
It will always be for me a reference and an example of a top professional !!"

Dra. Teresa Kreisch, Doctor

"I could say that I have been a student of Núria for ten years, but I am more than that because she is more than an Instructor.
For being the reason that what I have received so far, was more than the opportunity to unite the body and the mind.
It was gaining a clear sense to get to know me and thought of wanting to continue this journey of constant learning and overcoming."

Sílvia Gonçalves, Technical Assistant

"Pedro is endowed with unique human and professional qualities.
His classes are permanent challenges. Trying to reach them enhances our skills and makes us stronger. Irreplaceable!"

Dra. Márcia Passos, Lawyer

"I've been practicing physical exercise with Pedro for several years.
I started with group classes and felt immediate improvements in my spine. Then I complemented it with a personal training solution.
I strongly recommend it not only for the technical solution but also for the mental approach that it establishes."

Mafalda Vasconcelos, EDP Administrative Council